After living in Berkeley, eating my way through the Gourmet Ghetto, and being exposed to the Slow Food culture that is ever-present there, I decided to devote my life to food.

I developed my knowledge of cuisine from personal passion bordering on obsession– I’ve eaten/backpacked my way through Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central America to date, chopped and sautéed my way through an apprenticeship in the kitchen at Spruce, and read the CIA textbook for fun.

I interned for Eater SF where I got my hands dirty reporting on, writing about, and photographing the restaurant scene in San Francisco. Pretty sweet deal, no? Making such great connections and being curious to no end, I wanted to start a blog so I could remember everything and share my adventures and findings with anyone interested. Alas, in March 2011, A Side of Frye was born.

Sometimes I eat Street Food (the dirtier, the better), sometimes I eat at restaurants. And when I’m not busy asking other people how they rock in the kitchen, I’ll write about some of the things I like to cook. My goal is to get my kitchen knowledge in one place, while it’s fresh- and to share with anyone who appreciates.

I shoot film with my baby, an oldschool ’70s Canon Ftb (50/1.8) I got from my pops. You have to wind it and everything! It was super helpful to learn fundamentals on it.

My digital is a Canon, and these days I mostly break out the 50/1.8. Love that sharp depth of field.