I personally believe there is no better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than with BBQs, sun, beach, and beer. Good ‘ole American fun. Other ideas for good ‘ole American fun? Grilled cheese sandwiches. Hot dogs. Pulled pork. All kinds of fantastic. Here are some recently consumed bomb diggity sandos to titillate your taste buds.

Food truck Eat Curbside (whose slogan, btw, is adorable: don’t make me pull this kitchen over),  has a melange of different sandwiches- from ahi sliders to pulled pork. But the grilled cheese with Brie and red onion marmalade melted between two thick slices of airy, buttery pain de mie called my name. The crisped bread gives way to rich, soft cheese and sweet onions that all just melts in your mouth. An ever-so-subtle acidity is added from the red wine vinegar that the caramelized onions are finished with. It was beautiful and delicate.

They also had a plump, juicy, all-beef hot dog slathered in caramelized onions, cabbage, bacon, and mustard to calm even the fiercest of frank frenzies.

Another food truck, The Southern Sandwich Co., was started early last year by brother duo Brett and Nathan Niebergall (of Frisee). I tried their Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich. Let me tell you- there’s no way to my heart like porcine goodness, so these guys have a leg up. They start by smoking their piggy over hickory for 14 hours and finish it with a vinegar based solution to make a melt in your mouth tender, moist pulled pork. Sitting on a sesame bun, they top it with a cabbage slaw made with a combination of mayo and apple cider vinegar– the best of both worlds. I recommend slathering it in not only the Carolina vinegar, but also the brisket BBQ sauce for additional smokiness, and a little mustard for a little sweet heat. And messiness will ensue. Like a Carl’s Jr. commercial. Because we all eat like Paris Hilton. Right?

Hush Puppies